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Our goal is to provide "Quality Management" through the highest level of service, individual responsibility and accountability, creating an atmosphere that promotes innovative management.

Carlyle Management Company is an established property management company that was originally formed in 1971 to manage some of the real estate investments of Cleveland area investors, Howard B. Schulman and Carl Milstein. It was created as a successor company to Metropolitan Management Company which had been the largest property management company in the Midwest through the 1960's.
From 1971 until late in 1978, the company operated only those properties owned by the principals or by their friends. In 1978, 50% of the shares of the company were sold to American Invsco of Chicago and held by them until 1983 when they were purchased back to facilitate a merger with the Columbus, Ohio based Rallie Company. The merged entity became a national diversified real estate company, Barrington Group Incorporated.

Barrington Group Incorporated provided management services to property syndicators, investors and condominium associations and at one time had offices in 14 states.

In October 1987, a dissolution of the merger took place and Carlyle Management Company began taking an active role in pursuing third party fee management business in only those areas that they felt would allow them the control necessary to run a properly operated property.


We manage commercial, condominium and retail properties as well many fine rental properties. Carlyle Management Company has managed for diverse owners, ranging from banks, mortgage lenders, publicly held corporations to non profit organizations, individual investors and have acted as receiver for properties in control of the courts.

For over 40 years our extensive experience has been well documented in the management of associations, apartments, retail and commercial property in both city and suburban locations. Nationally, we have had experience in managing over 15,000 apartment units in many diverse markets, including the management of 10,000 luxury condominium units and over 2,000,000 feet of commercial space.

The current management portfolio includes both large and small apartment complexes, condominiums and homeowner associations and it also includes suburban commercial properties and retail strip centers. The diverse portfolio has one common element, our ability and intent to manage properties and the investments of the clients at the highest possible level.

Using the software of both Management Reports Inc. and TOPS Software, we operate a bookkeeping service for individual clients and other management companies. We have previously performed the complete accounting for a 42 property, 20,000 unit portfolio for a real estate syndicator in the mid south as well as for many others on a contract basis.

Management programs are based on the individual fiscal needs and abilities of the properties and each are taken into consideration when creating the management plan. The collective experience and individual expertise of our staff allow us the ability to mesh the physical and fiscal operations thereby maximizing the investment by helping to better the value of the asset.
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